The S.S.D. NO STRESS TEAM is a non-profit, limited liability amateur sports club that aims to promote activities related to the sea: it is registered in the National Register of Associations and Sports Clubs of CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee).

The Company was born and is managed thanks to the passion and competence of Andrea Franchini and Adele Frola, Federal athletes and instructors F.I.V.

The Company has as its main objectives the organization, exercise and dissemination of amateur sports activities related to the sea: didactic, physical and recreational activities as well as the promotion and organization of competitions, tournaments and sporting events.


The Company was born with the intent to promote wonderful water sports through courses, organized holidays, competitive and recreational activities, offering its students, in addition to respecting educational and social values, courses managed with a rigorous work methodology. Among the purely corporate objectives is to grow an increasingly qualified, modern and innovative sports organization, always paying particular attention both to the teaching and training methodologies of the students and to the selection of its instructors who must possess a sports qualification or have acquired adequate technical experience in their discipline.


For 25 years the center has created small and large champions, thanks to the passion and dedication that has brought together all the coaches who have followed one another over the years.


The center located on the Lungomare Bordighera in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Riviera di Ponente enjoys, from spring to autumn, a particular climatic condition that makes this place among the most suitable for learning Windsurf, Hobie-cat, Stand up paddle, Surf and Kayak.


The No Stress Team organizes windsurfing courses for all levels, Hobie-cat, Stand up puddle, Kayak, Surf.

The coast of Bordighera well positioned on the Riviera di Ponente, particularly predisposed to the influence of favorable thermal winds for navigation, specially designed basic and advanced training courses, the most technologically advanced equipment offer everyone, beginners and experts, the opportunity to exercise these activities.

Our qualified instructors F.I.V. make their expertise and experience available to ensure the best results in absolute safety.

To participate in the courses you must register with the No Stress Team (fee including insurance: € 30) and show the medical certificate for non-competitive sports.

In our private lessons you learn to navigate in a way exclusive by achieving their goals and personal satisfaction quickly, safely and efficiently.

During the courses the School will make available to the participants the basic equipment, such as board, sail, trapeze, life jacket and wetsuit (if required).

The equipment is of the latest generation: wide and stable boards that promote balance, sturdy and manageable sails proportionate to the wind and the weight of the student.

If you want to experience the emotion of the wind, do not hesitate to contact us to enroll in our courses.


In the period between mid-June and early September the No Stress Team offers a valid alternative for all children between the ages of 5 and 13 who want to learn new sports, play together, make new friends.

Summer Sport is the summer school recognized for years in the field of recreational sports activities in Bordighera.

From Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17, together with qualified instructors, your children will be able to learn various water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, Hobie-cat, sup but not only; playful and creative games throughout the day ....

Fun is guaranteed!


The No Stress Team has a large range of equipment for renting and testing new materials.

We are equipped with a large variety of materials according to the different marine weather conditions and your level.

We have ultra light rigs and ready-to-use boards with sizes ranging from small 80-liter freestylewave to easier 240-liter boards.

Our structure also provides customers with wetsuits, jackets, trapezes, helmets and accessories of all kinds to go out in all weather conditions.

The rental of material for beginners is the same that you used during the course in order to immediately have a feeling when you find yourself at sea alone practicing what you learned in the lessons.

To guarantee success in all your outings you can, during the rental, change the board and sail, in order to always have the right material for every situation.

To be able to rent it is necessary to fill in the membership application form which includes insurance coverage and registration with the C.O.N.I

We also provide the material storage service.

If you are a fan and always carry your equipment with you, you can store it in a convenient box.






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